Vitalderm Argan Oil Hair Care

Formulated to meet the demands of busy hair salons, Vitalderm Argan Oil based range is packaged in oversized bottles for ease of use.

Builds on the restorative and therapeutic properties of Argan Oil and very popular with professionals and consumers alike.

There are four products in the Vitalderm range:

  • Shampoos (1000ml)
  • Masques (500 ml)
  • Serum (100 ml)
  • Lotion (400 ml)

Benefits of Argan Oil Hair Care

Argan oil is known to make hair stronger and healthy-looking thanks to a very high content of active compounds. Polyunsaturated fatty acids straighten the hair by bonding protein structures, and vitamin antioxidants (A, E) protect the hair from environmental damage. Particularly effective against split ends, damaged hair structure and hair breakage.