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Olives are amongst the oldest known cultivated plant in the world and originally spread from the Holy Land throughout the Mediterranean region about 4,000 years ago. The ability of olive oil to maintain the skin’s freshness and health has been known for centuries and the unique AYA Natural Olive Oil Skin Care products were developed to emphasize the quality and efficacy of the oil’s ingredients.

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Only extra virgin/virgin Galilean olive oil is used in our products. This is top quality olive oil which is rich in vitamins and nourishes the skin naturally. Our formulas combine different types of natural plants oils that enrich the products with a variety of minerals and essential fatty acids. Our manufacturing carefully and precisely ensures a complete preservation of the olive’s attributes and qualities including nourishment, moisturizing and skin protection.

Aya Natural Olive Oil Skin Care Video Introduction

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Unlike other products on the market which claim to include olive oil, AYA Natural products are truly olive oil based with an unprecedented quantity of olive oil. Whereas other products are water based with a hint of olive oil, ours are olive oil based.

Our Olive Oil skin care products contain no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colours, no alcohol or parabens, no animal or petrochemical ingredients. They are not tested on animals and are lovingly manufactured in a certified facility in the North of Israel.

The AYA Natural Olive Oil skin care product line includes:

  • Body Butters
  • Soaps
  • Face serums
  • Eye creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Hand and foot creams
  • Body lotion
  • Skin & Body Oils
  • Nail oil
  • Hair Masks

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