Safe Sea Sunscreen with Anti-Jellyfish Protection

Safe Sea is the only sunscreen in the world with proven, patented jellyfish protection. This unique product, which has been dermatology tested, provides UVA/UVB protection between SPF5 and SPF95 and is suitable for all outdoor and water activities.

Jellyfish stingJellyfish are a major threat to swimmers and beachgoers worldwide causing pain, suffering and discomfort to huge numbers of people. The inventors of Safe Sea invested years of research to understand the mechanism of jellyfish stings and then went on to develop a sunscreen formulated to prevent the jellyfish from stinging. This patented range of products underwent extensive clinical trials and efficacy testing and is now in use across the globe.

Effects of sun on skin protected by sunscreenSafe Sea products have been clinically shown to be an extremely effective sunscreens at all SPF levels. With the addition of jellyfish protection, this turns a quality product into an outstanding and unique sunscreen that is without competition.

Safe Sea sunscreen can be formulated to a range of SPF levels and packaged in bottles, sprays or tubes. We also offer it as a private label product.

Safe Sea Sunscreen Product Range

Safe Sea is available in 5 product lines:

  • Beach: High SPF, high water resistance, jellyfish protection
  • Organic: Preservative free with plankton extracts, anti-oxidants and GAG moisturizers
  • Derma: Formulated for sensitive skin with ultra-UVA protection and vitamins. Preservative free.
  • Kids: Formulated for children’s skin with vitamins and jellyfish protection
  • Extreme: High UV protection, sweat-proof and cooling

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